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LEAN, or the Laboratory Efficiency Action Network, is an organisation of individuals passionate about sustainable science working in academia.

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Our members all work within laboratories or sustainability departments in publicly funded institutions. We meet regularly and share best-practice through our online forum and resources. The aims of LEAN are: 

  • To promote sustainable laboratories, efficient practices, and all forms of environmental sustainability in science laboratories. 

  • To act as a convenor and forum for the sector, where interested individuals can learn more about sustainable labs.

  • To standardise, create, and promote resources on best practices for improving the sustainability of laboratories.

Functional Areas of LEAN


Our aim is to understand best practice across the wide range of areas which influence lab sustainability; from practical daily actions, to institutional strategy or policy change. Here are some examples:

  • Laboratory Behaviour Change Engagement Programmes  

  • Equipment Efficiency Initiatives  

  • Building and Facility Design Solutions  

  • Plastic Use and Consumables  

  • Laboratory Support Services  

  • Institutional Strategy and Policy 

  • Procurement and Waste Management  

  • Research Quality and Reproducibility...  

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