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Lab Experiment

As a member of LEAN, here’s what you can expect to be involved in:

1. Semi-Annual Members Meeting

Meetings take place every 6-9 months, and are open to all LEAN members. The standard agenda includes brief member updates, followed by workshops on 2-3 topics of interest selected by the membership. Where feasible, meetings take place at various member-institutions and include lab/site tours.  

2. Sustainable Lab Resource Standardisation

LEAN members openly contribute resources that assist institutions to improve the sustainability of their laboratories. This includes but is not limited to: job descriptions for sustainable lab roles, sustainable equipment guides, sustainable consumables guides, best practice behaviours, tender specifications and more. We share our work openly and encourage input from new LEAN members.  

3. Lobbying and Influence

As LEAN’s resources and membership increases, we aim to use this influence in a positive manner to lobby for sustainable laboratories. This consists of lobbying institutions to take further action in the area, including funding bodies, higher education institutions, and supporting organisations such as technician bodies. It also includes lobbying STEM consumables and equipment suppliers to improve product environmental sustainability within the supply chain. 

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